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By Typestyles

Logo Design – A Business is Born

On 14, Jul 2012 | In Featured Posts | By Typestyles

There’s no way around it. The logo is the heart and soul of every business. Everything stems from here, as the mark serves as the foundation for a company’s identity and branding the rest of the way. Getting started on the right foot is extremely important and provides a jump-off point that leaves plenty of room for flight.

There are numerous factors that contribute to a logo’s effectiveness. Legibility, memorability, authenticity, FEEL.  Not only does a logo have to look good when all dressed up on the web, but it needs to stay strong even under harsh conditions such as greyscale printing, miniscule reproduction, or large scale signage.  Unfortunately these features are often prematurely dismissed in an attempt to cut corners, which results in a subpar product up front and leads to costly revisions down the line.

I pride myself on always staying focused on not only the here and now, but the big picture.  What’s your niche?  Where are your clients going to come from?  Where might you potentially have to market in order to increase your exposure?  Protect your investment and allow me to construct your logo in a way that will encourage expansion, not stifle it.